Nursery and Primary Education in North London

Education at Sunrise Primary and Nursery Schools is a harmonious balance between academic guidance, creative expression and inner growth, to develop the highest potential in every child.

Based on a synthesis of the UK National Curriculum, Montessori methods and Neo-Humanist principles, our curriculum provides varied activites that allow for self-directed learning.

Our holistic approach nurtures the all-round development of the child: body, senses, emotion, intellect, creativity and spiritual awareness.

We cater for children between ages 2-11. However, from November 2017 and until further notice, we are not able to offer 2 year-old places at our Tottenham Nursery.

Sunrise Nursery Stoke Newington:

1 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London N16 6PA

Principal: Didi Ananda Manika, phone: 020 8806 6279

Sunrise Primary and Nursery Tottenham:

Teacher training 19th October. The school will be closed.

55 Coniston Road, Tottenham, Haringey, London N17 0EX

Head Teacher: Meeta Lovage  BA   Dip. Montessori,

phone: 020 8885 3354