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Art at Sunrise emphasises individual expression of ideas as well as learning drawing skills and experimenting with various media. The classes are fun as well as being educative.Children are able to work at their own pace and self evaluation and reflection is encouraged through talking about their own and each others’ work.The children have individual sketchbooks and they are encouraged to work in them outside of the art class.The topics are directed by the children through discussion but at the same time following the national curriculum.

Drawing from life (1)

Drawing from life

drawing from observation (1)

Observational drawing

Drawing from observation


Drawing shapeDrawing for textiles

Drawing for textiles

Designing repeat patterns

Designing repeat patterns

Visit to park to draw

Visit to the park to draw


Looking at tombstones

Looking at tombstones

Working from sketchbooks

Drawing from Sketchbooks

Drawing at the Horniman

Drawing at the Horniman MuseumHorniman Museum (2)Self portraits

self portraits

kimy self portrait

Kimi – self portrait

potatoe print freize

potato printsBackdrop for summer performance

backdrop for summer performance

Making costumes for performance

making costumes for performance

Maori design

Maori designMaori face paint

Maori face paint


2 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. Max Reynolds

    There is some of my art work there!!!

  2. maya deluca

    oh my gosh, the memories are flooding back

  3. Ren

    Such a brilliant school.Max, Rhys and myself just looked through the photos..
    Amazing memories!
    We all agree they were so lucky to have gone to Sunrise and meet such lovely people.
    It gave them the best start in life ever!

    Thanks Sunrise


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