Autumn Newsletter 2015


We warmly welcome all new families joining Sunrise this term, and welcome back our old families. We hope you had a good holiday together.


Autumn Term
Term Begins: Tuesday 8th September
Parents Meeting: Tuesday 6th October 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Teacher Training: Friday 23rd October *
Half Term: Monday 26th – 30th October
Term Ends: Thursday 17th December

Spring Term
Term Begins: Tuesday 5th January
Teacher Training: Friday 12th February
Half Term: Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Term Ends: Thursday 24th March

Summer Term
Term Begins: Tuesday 12th April
Teacher Training: Friday 27th May
Half Term: Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June
Term Ends: Thursday 21st July

* The school is closed on Teacher Training and Development days.


When you shop online with:
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Please do so via our school website, as we receive a small contribution.

If you have any suggestions for fundraising, please bring your ideas to the next parent’s meeting, alternatively contact our school office via e-mail or phone.


Home Visit
For new parents settling your child this term, you will be asked to schedule an in-depth meeting with their key person during the first half of the term. This meeting could take place at your home, or at school.
As part of Sunrise School’s Neo-Humanist philosophy we would like to give parents the opportunity of a home visit, as it is beneficial for children to see their home and nursery/school working together as one.
Talking to your child’s key person brings familiarity and confidence into our relationship together for the benefit of your child.
For primary aged children we also promote home-visits to nurture and enhance teacher/child relationships.

Staff Updates
We welcome Karmeshana who will be teaching Art, and Meenakshi who will be teaching Science to Yrs 1-6. We also welcome Cahit who will join us as a teaching assistant across all classes as well as in after school club. We are sad to lose Krshnadeva and wish him well in his new job.

The school provides freshly cooked vegetarian meals at lunchtime, which follow a sentient yogic diet excluding meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onion (or leek) or mushroom.

Below is a selection of the meals that will be offered, all being served with raw carrots, cucumber, and tomato.

-White/Brown rice with lentils, mixed vegetables and tofu
-Roast potatoes with beans and cheese
-Pasta with tomato sauce and soya mince
-Vegetarian shepherd’s pie
-Soup and dumplings

Our talented cook Verona also treats us to some wonderful lasagne, and very occasionally makes chips/wedges, pizza or apple crumble.

Sunrise is a vegetarian school, therefore all snacks provided should be vegetarian.
We are trying to teach the children to feed themselves healthily, therefore if you choose to provide a snack for your child, please do not send sweets, crisps or unnatural juices.
Please also avoid sending nuts in case of any allergies.

We ask that primary school children wear red tops (shirts, t-shirts, blouses) and black bottoms (shorts, trousers, skirts, jogging bottoms).
These colours promote good concentration and grounding, enhance the vibrant energy of children, and give them a sense of belonging.

Outdoor Play
It is an Early Years Foundation Stage requirement that children play outdoors if they choose to, as it is necessary for their development. Please provide your child with very warm clothing to enable them to go outside in all kinds of weather, and to enjoy the experience!
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate parents request to keep children indoors if they have a cold, as we recommend children stay home if they are unwell.

Forest School
Please provide your child with warm clothing including hat, gloves and scarf, wellington boots and raincoats, as we do not cancel Forest school in wet weather. A spare set of clothing including very thick socks as well as a healthy snack is also recommended.

Swimming & Sports Hall
Please ensure that a swimsuit, swimming cap and towel are provided for swimming lessons, and that suitable running shoes are provided for the Sports Hall session.

Show & Tell
Your child may use this time to show and tell their class about an item which they have brought from home. Electrical items are not permitted.

Circle Time
We incorporate Circle Time into each class every day, with a Whole School Circle Time taking place each Thursday morning. Circle time is fun with songs, yoga, spiritual singing (kiirtan) and meditation, all of which help to strengthen relationships with each other, give an understanding of the universal family, and also give meaning to our spiritual development.

After School Club
The After School Club is open from 4pm-6pm at a cost of £8 per session, and is available to all.
The sessions are covered by Cahit with another member of staff on site. Please book in advance.

Early Morning Club
The Club is open from 8:30am-9:00am at a cost of £2 per session, and is available to all children.
The sessions are covered by Elly from Nursery class. Please book in advance.

If your child suffers from an attack of vomiting or diarrhoea, they will need to stay home for 48hrs before returning to school.

Nursery Teacher Information

Elly – Nursery Room leader Jake- Key Person
Joziah- Co-Key Person Martha- Co-Key Person
Fowzia- Co-Key Person Sureyya- Co- Key Person

Reception Teacher Information

Yvonne- Main Class Teacher

Hildegard- Music Teacher


The Nursery and Reception class follow the Early Years Curriculum. There is a curriculum map in the corridor outside of the nursery classroom that parents may wish to view.
Parents can also visit, which is a website that provides information about the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The monthly YES themes are: The monthly CIRCLE OF LOVE themes are:

September – Meditation September – Me and My Family
October – Non-Harming October – People in the Community
November – Cleanliness November – Universal Family
December – Benevolent Truthfulness December – Celebrations

Parents please feel free to make any suggestions you may have regarding any aspects of the themes you wish your child/ren to learn about. Forest School will take place on a Monday this term. If you would like to volunteer to come with us please talk to Elly.

Timetable Highlights

• Nursery Class

Throughout the week the nursery children will have the opportunity to bake, take part in music, storytelling and arts and crafts as well as going to the Forest.

Reception Class

Wednesday- am Library
pm Music
Thursday- am School Circle Time / Swimming*
Friday- am Show & Tell* / Forest School
pm Cooking
*Please refer back to ‘School Life’
Parent Information

• Nursery/Reception times are 9am-4pm, with 12pm or 2pm being the collection time for
morning only children and 4pm being the latest collection time unless your child is in the After School Club, or an alternative time has been agreed upon. Picking up a child after 12pm, 2pm, 4:10pm or 6pm will incur a £8 fine as the teacher will need to be compensated for their time.

• Please provide 2 pieces of fruit, and a water bottle which we will wash and refill with filtered
water. We will provide a snack alongside the fruit in the afternoon, so there is no need for parents to do so.

• Please provide your child with 2 complete changes of clothing in cloth bags. We have some
waterproof clothing to allow children to play in the wet weather, however younger children prefer their own clothes, therefore please ensure that the clothing is completely waterproof. We recommend that you include several plastic bags to store any soiled items.
PRIMARY CLASS YEARS 1 & 2 – Key Stage 1

Teacher Information

Julia- Class Teacher
Anna- History & Drama Teacher Karmeshana- Art Teacher Hildegard- Music Teacher
Maria- French Teacher Meenakshi- Science Teacher


SUBJECT Years 1 & 2
English Mister Magnolia – guided reading.
Story writing – grammar, punctuation and verbs, nouns and adjectives.
Maths Appropriate levels pursued through individual workbooks – addition and subtraction, measuring, large numbers and other National Curriculum topics.
Science What are Myths? Solid, Liquids and Gases?
Geography Continents, earth’s physical features
History Earth’s Timeline / Famous people
Arts & Crafts Exploring Mediums

At the end of each week, a project folder containing reading and writing or maths practice will be sent home to enable parents to become involved with their child’s progress. Please return the folders by the following Wednesday.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 Literacy Literacy Show & Tell
Literacy Sports Hall*
09:30 School Circle
10:00 Maths Maths Maths Swimming* Meditation
10:30 Break
11:00 Break Break Break Break Science

11:30 Music French
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:30 Forest School*
2:00 History / Drama Art & Craft Maths Geography/
3:00 Literacy (History) Self-Directed Activity Time Cooking
4:00 Home Time Home Time Home Time Home Time Home Time

*Please refer back to ‘School Life’


Teacher Information Meeta- Main Class Teacher Laura- Literacy Teacher
Maria- French Teacher Anna- Drama/Ukulele Teacher Karmeshana- Art Teacher
Hildegard- Music/Piano/Recorder Teacher Helene – ICT Meenakshi- Science


SUBJECT Years 3, 4, 5 & 6
English – Grammar Direct/Indirect speech
English – Literature Group 1 – Kensuke’s Kingdom
Group 2 – Iron Man
Maths Large numbers – hierarchies, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry (appropriate curriculum expectation)
Science What is Science / Sound
Geography Map-making – earth’s physical geography, climate zones, rivers, mountains
History Tudors – Timeline
Arts & Crafts Exploring Mediums


All children will receive Literacy homework once a week, with Yrs 5 & 6 receiving an additional piece of Maths homework. It is the parent’s responsibility to support their child in completing any homework. A homework book will be provided as a means of communication.


All areas of the curriculum are assessed using National Curriculum Key Stages, levels and sublevels.
Assessment of spiritual & character development is recognised through positive behaviour rewards.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 Show & Tell/ Meditation Yoga/
Meditation French Yoga
Sports Hall*
09:30 Ukulele / Maths School Circle
10:00 Literacy SPAG Spelling Literacy Maths/Spelling Test Meditation
11:00 Break Break Break Swimming* Break
11:30 Drama (History) Arts & Crafts Literacy Break PSHE
12:00 French
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Guided Reading Lunch
1:30 Forest School* Recorder
2:00 Literacy (History)/ ICT / Singing Maths Literacy/ ICT Science
3:00 Geography Self-Evaluation Self-Evaluation
4:00 Home Time Home Time Home Time Home Time Home Time
*Please refer back to ‘School Life’

Sharing is Caring

Once there was a small boy who belonged to a poor family. One day, he was walking through the forest carrying some wood. He saw an old man who was very hungry and the boy wanted to give him some food, but he did not have any of his own, so he continued on his way. On his way he saw a deer who was very thirsty. He wanted to give him some water, but he did not have any water, so he continued on his way. Lastly he saw a man who wanted to make a camp but he did not have any wood. The boy asked his problem and gave some wood to him. In return, the man offered some food and water to the boy. Now the boy went back to the old man and gave him some food and gave some water to the deer. The old man and the deer were very happy and the boy went happily on his way.

Sometime later the poor boy fell down the hill. He was in pain and couldn’t move, but the old man who he had helped before saw him, and quickly came and pulled him up the hill. He had many wounds on his legs but the deer whom the boy had given water to saw his wounds and quickly went to the forest and brought back some herbs. After sometime the boy’s wounds were covered and began to heal. All were very happy that they were able to help each other.

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