Healing Day

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Healing Day at the Stoke Newington nursery on Sunday. There was a wonderful atmosphere of peace and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. Thank you also to the practitioners , chefs and bakers (of the Chill Cafe where we were fed and watered with love food and drinks throughout the day)who donated their time and particularly to Sarah and Elly for organising the event. £318.92 was raised and will join the fund for the new school minibus.


Tottenham winter show – when Abba met Hades!

Recorders, piano recitals and some very seasonal bell ringing got us all in the spirit of the season. Future camponoligists perhaps?!

Very little can be said that would be deserving of what Anna (and her mum Sue) achieved in a small room in Tottenham. With a standing ovation and naer a dry eye in the house, the myth of Hades and Persephone will only ever be remembered with some 1970’s Swedish flamboyance! A tragedy ala Abba – ingenious and loved by all….infinite applause again…(video to come…)

Carol singing – fundraising for a new mini bus

A very big thank-you to TfL, our Sunrise children, the teachers and parents who participated in our fundraising singing in Westminster and Highbury and Islington Underground Stations …and to acknowledge the kindness of strangers who gave so generously, helping to raise £1030.  Baba Nam Kevalam

Winter fun at Stoke Newington

The  children’s winter performances left us all beaming with joy, love and that nice feeling that only children can bring to us. Thank you to all who came and shared these afternoons. Please enjoy some pictures of the performances and our trip to the theatre.





5th of November Garden Day

A big thank-you to all the diggers, pruners, waterers and weeders!  With the weather holding up despite the meteorological warnings, the garden was given it’s winter make-over. Trees were trimmed back, beds were weeded, equipment mended and hurrah – the shed floor can be seen again!

As the sun set we had a beautiful tree planting ceremony and a blessing sung in Sanskrit by Meeta .

…. while the green fingered were at work, so too were the elves in the kitchen who cooked up some great food for all and oh how good it always tastes after a day outdoors.

Of  course, being the 5th of November, the day wouldn’t have been complete without a bonfire and fireworks. Singing with their beautiful faces glowing in the light of the fire, the children helped us get through a Swahili song in rounds! (thank you Anna!) It was also lovely to see so many old faces back – pupils and parents…..if only every day’s work could feel that good.

digging the trenches!
Tree planting ceremony


First watering of our new trees.


saving the baby snails...............


"Remember remember the 5th of November ..." The perfect end to our day.


Summer Camp in Epping Forest!

As the summer holidays drew to a close, the Sunrise clan set up camp in Epping forest on the beautiful sunny Saturday of September 4th.

Thanks to Vicky for organising the magic ………… amazing food was shared (including some delights from the new ‘Sunrise Vegetarian Cookbook’), songs were sung around the camp fire and new friends were made. We’re all looking forward to making this an annual event.






Stoke Newington Nursery Fun Day

We had a fantastic Sunrise Fun Day at Abney Park on Friday 10th July! Thank you, everybody, for coming along and joining in the fun.

The children loved participating in all the races and tucked in to the delicious picnic afterwards. p1120654















A Big Thank You

Thank you

A BIG thank you to all our parents and friends who squeezed into our fundraising lunch on March 18th. Due to your generous support, we raised £720, which will help to boost the schools’ ICT programmes.

Our warmest thanks to all who helped cook, serve, set up and organise the event. In the photo above, the children are performing a Greek tragedy called “The Bride of Hades”. Here, the chorus are expressing their fear of Hades!