At Sunrise, we strive to awaken in the children a joy of learning and a thirst for knowledge that will remain with them all their lives.

Based on a synthesis of the UK National Curriculum, Montessori methods and Neo-Humanist principles, we provide varied activities that allow for self-directed learning.

Imaginative play, games and stories enhance instruction and the Montessori approach nurtures motivation and concentration. Yoga exercises, sports and a vegetarian diet encourage a healthy and co-ordinated body. Music, arts, dance and drama provide scope for Sunrise children to discover their expressive skills and a deep appreciation of the arts.

Through gardening, nature studies and care for animals, a true ecological consciousness is awakened in the children who come to feel themselves as part of Nature.

At Sunrise, the children practise a simple form of meditation. Feeling love within each day develops a direct experience of the inner self and a feeling of oneness with others and the world around.

Sunrise’s unique curriculum imparts character building values – integrity, moral courage, self-confidence, self-reliance and a spirit of service.


Monday:       Sports’ Hall at 9 am sharp, so please be on time and please bring your trainers. Ukulele with Jake in the afternoon. French with Maria

Tuesday:       Art with Linda

Wednesday: Music with Hildegard: singing with nursery and reception, recorder with Meeta’s class, please remember to bring your recorder to each class and for children taking piano lessons please bring your piano books.

Thursday:    Swimming at Northumberland Park pool. Please bring Swimming suit, hat and towel; children without this will not be taken to the pool. As swimming is now at 12pm please provide a snack for the children to have before the session. No crisps or sweets please and try to avoid nuts as regulations are not to let children share nuts in case of allergy.

Friday:          Drama and Ukulele with Anna. Forest school in the afternoon