Early Years Curriculum

www.foundationyears.org.uk  is a website that provides information for parents about the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

There is a curriculum map outside the garden room class in the corridor.


The monthly CIRCLE OF LOVE themes:

September: Me and Family

October   People in the community

November:   Universal Family

December:   Celebrations

January: Space

February: Air and light

March: Water

April: Earth

May: Plants and Insects

June:  Fish and Reptiles

July:  Birds and Mammals


The monthly YES themes (Yoga Education in Schools), Universal Values:

September: Respect

October: Non Harming

November: Cleanliness

December: Benevolent truthfulness

January: Contentment

February: Non -stealing

March: Serving others

April: Universal Love

May: Spiritual Study

June: Simple Living

July: Meditation

Special Activities

Tuesday 10-11.30am Library

Wednesday 10.55-12.30pm Swimming

Wednesday 2-2.30pm Music

Thursday 9.30-12pm Walk in the Woods

Friday 2-3pm Cooking


Parents please feel free to make any suggestions you may have regarding particular aspects of the themes you want your children to learn about.