Primary curriculum

Older Children:

Art: Architecture – building and modelling

Maths: Volume/ Weight/ Rounding numbers/ Factors & Prime numbers/ Multiplication facts/ Division/Shape/ Time/Fractions & Decimals

Science: Rocks & Soil/ Life Cycles

Geography: Oil & Coal/ Maps/ Geology/ Continents

History: Myth & Legend in Ancient Greece/ Famous People

English Grammar: Pronouns/ Prepositions/ Subject & Object/ Active & Passive/ Comparison

English Literature:

Group 1 –Reading Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman, focusing on Debate/ Characterization/ Play script/ Personal Response to Literature.

Group 2 – Reading Sheep-Pig by Dick King Smith, focusing on

Comprehension/ Writing a review/ Writing a Newspaper article.

Younger Children, Rita’s group:



Year 1

Year 3
English Sounds/ Story writing/ Number and Letter formations Story writing/ Nouns/ Verbs/ Adjectives
Maths  Numbers 1-100/ Number bonds/ Multiplications Place value/ Multiplication/ Division/ Time/ Orientation
Science Light & Dark/ Light & Shadow/ Characteristic of materials/ Rocks and Soil / Earth, Sun, Moon and Planets/ Plants and Animals/ Help plants grow well
Geography Forest school/Local area/ Making local area safe
 History Saints around the world/  Ancient India/ Greece/ Romans/ Anglo Saxons/ Viking/ Tudors/ Florence Nightingale (and other noble examples)
Arts & Crafts Steiner painting/ Weaving Steiner painting/ Knitting

Also festive and seasonal crafts over the year for all three years

Guided reading The King of Irelands Son to start after February half term.


On Fridays, Rita will be sending a folder with a little project to do and give back by Wednesday, some reading and writing or some maths. This will be for you to interact with your child’s progress.