Info for Parents – Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington Nursery (46 weeks)

Opening hours: 8:30am – 5pm (flexible to 6pm)

The fee structure is the final figure AFTER the government funded care has been deducted.

Government funded care contributes 15 hours for 38 weeks per child the term after they turn 3 years old.

Monthly Fee Structure for Stoke Newington 2016

3 and 4 year olds

5 Days £565 per month (10 months)

4 Days £490 per month (10 months)

3 Days £380 per month (10 months)

2 Days 15 hours free £7 per hour

2 year olds

5 Days £850 per month (10 months)

4 Days £760 per month (10 months)

3 Days £670 per month (10 months)

2 Days £575 per month (10 months)

1 Day £345 per month (10 months)

A monthly direct debit is preferred.
A deposit of 3 weeks is required upon enrollment.  This covers the last three weeks of your child’s attendance at the school and so three weeks notice is needed before withdrawing your child.

Parent’s Pack for Stoke Newington Nursery (click over the link to download the .doc file)

POLICIES Information concerning  the Complaints Procedure and all the following  are available from the office and can be viewed at any time.

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Health and Safety of children on Educational Trips Policy
  • Behavior Management Policy and procedures to promote good behavior amongst pupils and provide clear guidance on the steps taken regarding discipline.
  • Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Policy  – EYFS
  • Additional provision for children with SEN (Special Educational Needs)
  • Additional provision for children with EAL (English as an Additional Language)
  • Child Protection Policy


Ofsted reports:

Stoke Newington Nursery Ofsted report via their website (click on the link to view a full list of latest and previous report on Ofsted website)


Complaints reports:

0 at the moment

Staff and Teachers:

Stoke Newington 
Role Name Qualifications
Principal Didi Ananda Manika NVQ Level 3
Management Committee ChairPerson Meeta Lovage BA & Montessori Diploma (2-12 years)
Nursery Teachers Julia Feltz Montessori Dip
Christine Marie Foundation Degree in Montessori Childhood Practice
Leah Kyprianou NVQ Level 3 Childcare
Ouahiba Boudiaf NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Play Therapist
Nursery Assistants Nargish Patel
Maimuna Haroon
Cook Saba Getachew  Health & Hygiene Level 3


Term Dates 2016-2017

16 Aug – 23 Dec 2016 19 weeks

Half term: Mon 24 Oct to Tues 25 Oct (re-opens Wed 26 Oct)

10 Jan – 31 March 2017 12 weeks

Half term: Mon 13 Feb to Tues 14 Feb (re-opens Wed 15 Feb)

10 Apr – 21 July 2017 15 weeks

Half term: Mon 29 May to Tues 30 May (re-opens Wed 31 May)

Total: 46 weeks nursery is open

Dates for children who attend 15 hours only:

6 Sep -23 Dec 2016 15 weeks

Half term: 24 Oct full week off

10 Jan – 31 March 2017 11 weeks

Half term: 13 Feb full week off

18 Apr – 14 July 2017 12 weeks

Half term: 29 May full week off

Total: 38 weeks