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Children at Sunrise practice yoga, meditation and kiirtan daily. They have circle time at the beginning and at the end of each day, and before lunch. Circle time helps to develop each child’s intuitive, creative and spiritual capacity.


We value extra-curricular activities to enrich children’s learning experiences. We take on board suggestions from parents to provide a variety of activities to broaden the children’s horizons.

The children at Sunrise benefit from opportunities to take part in Athletics at a professional athletics stadium with trained coaches.

They go to Forest School weekly and learn appreciation for the natural environment and many aspects of the curriculum in a nature setting.

An Art teacher comes twice a week to teach pure art and art through the curriculum.

A Drama teacher comes twice a year for at least two weeks to prepare the children for their Winter and Summer performances.

A Music teacher comes weekly to teach the recorder and singing. The children at Sunrise can  learn the ukulele and take piano lessons for a fee.


Flexi-schooling for children aged 5 and over is available. Any parents wishing for this provision need to sign a contract with the school to ensure full time responsibility for the welfare of the child.


We offer a minibus service from Stoke Newington Nursery.
The mini bus leaves Stoke Newington Nursery at 8.40am each morning to take children to the Primary in Tottenham and leaves at 3.30pm in the evenings to return to Stoke Newington.

Parent-Pack-Primary  (click over the link to download the .doc file)

Parents-Pack- Tottenham Nursery (click over the link to download the .doc file)

Key Stage 2 Achievements for the Academic Year 2017/18
 – 2 Children Participated

English Expected Standard Working Towards
Writing 50%  50%
Reading 50% 50%
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar  50% 50%
Maths   100%

POLICIES Information concerning the Complaints Procedure and all the following are available from the office and can be viewed at any time.

  1.  Health & Safety Policy 2020/21
  2. Discipline policy 2020/21
  3. Child-Protection-and-Safeguarding-Policy-2020/21
  4. MODEL ADDENDUM to a school Safeguarding and CP Policy
  5. Basic Behaviour Standards Policy 2020/21
  7. Early Years Behaviour Management POLICY and guidance 2020/21
  8. Primary School Behaviour Management Policy Behaviour Policy 2020/21
  9. Anti-Bullying Policy 2020/21
  10. Supervision of children on outings and visits 2020/21
  11. Transitions Policy Early years 2020/21
  12. Transitions Policy Primary 2020/21
  13. Supporting children with special educational needs Policy 2020/21
  14. EAL POLICY 2020/21 Provision for children with English as an Additional Language
  15. Curriculum Policy 2020/21
  16. Working Together to Safeguard Children
  17. Keeping Children Safe in Education
  18. Complaints Policy 2020/21
  19. Assessment Policy 2020/21
  20. Uncollected Child 2020/21
  21. Keeping Children Safe in Education
  22. Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018
  23. Safer recruitment policy 2020/21
  24. Attendance and Punctuality 2020/21
  25. Risk assessment Covid19 July 20

Covid Operational Plan for Sept 2020 reopening

Ofsted reports:

Please click on the following links to read, first the Management Commitee’s Statement and then the Osted Report on the inspection of November 2019

Published Ofsted Report November 2019

Ofsted Report June 2019


Tottenham Nursery and School Ofsted report via website (click on the link to view a full list of previous reports on Ofsted website)

Complaints reports:

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