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Monthly Fee Structure for Tottenham 2017

Primary age 3-11 years

5 Days      £555 per month (10 months)

4 Days       £510 per month (10 months)

3 Days      £470 per month (10 months)

2 ½ Days  £437 per month (10 months)

2 Days       £391 per month (10 months)

1 Day         £274 per month (10 months)

2 years

5 Days       £652 per month (10 months)

4 Days       £574 per month (10 months)

3 Days       £496 per month (10 months)

2 Days        £457 per month (10 months)

1 Day        £365 per month (10 months)

Fees payable less Early Years Free Entitlement Funding (38 weeks)

5 Days        £362 per month (10 months)

4 Days         £294 per month (10 months)

3 Days         £204 per month (10 months)

Tottenham Primary and nursery (10 months, September to June)

Holiday Club is available at Easter, Half Term and Summer Holidays

After School (4pm-6pm)                –           £10

Breakfast      (8:30-9am)                –           £2

Swimming                                         –        £2.50 p/class

Lunch                                                  –      £2.50 p/day

Initial deposit is £555 for a one month’s fee to be paid before commencing. **When your child is 3 years old you are eligible to apply for a Nursery Education Grant from Haringey council. The nursery applies on your behalf and only your signature will be needed. This entitles your child to the equivalent of 15 hours of nursery education. We provide for flexible hours: 9am to 12 pm, five days a week, or 1pm to 4pm, five days a week, or 15 hours spread over 3 days e.g. 9am to 2pm. If you need your child to stay for longer we just deduct the cost of 15 hours from your bill. *Children are eligible to receive the vouchers from the first day of the term that follows their 3rd birthday and until the last day of the term in which they have their 5th birthday.

Parents-Pack-Nursery (click over the link to download the .doc file)

The mini bus leaves Stoke Newington Nursery at 8.40am each morning to take children to the Primary in Tottenham and leaves at 4pm in the evenings to return to Stoke Newington.

Primary School

The tuition fee for Sunrise is £555 per month for term time only – i.e. for 10 months per year, September to June. A monthly fee, paid by cheque or direct debit, is preferred.

A deposit of £555 is payable upon enrolment. This covers the last month of your child’s attendance at the school, and so is only refundable when this amount of time is given before withdrawing your child.

Parent-Pack-Primary(click over the link to download the .doc file)

Key Stage 2 Achievements for the Academic Year 2015/16
 – 4 Children Participated

English  Expected Standard
Writing 50%  Achieved
50%  Not Achieved
Reading 50% Achieved
50% Not Achieved
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 50%  Achieved
50% Not Achieved
50% Achieved
50% Not Achieved


POLICIES Information concerning the Complaints Procedure and all the following are available from the office and can be viewed at any time.


Ofsted reports:

Tottenham Nursery and School Ofsted report via website (click on the link to view a full list of latest and previous report on Ofsted website)

Term dates for Tottenham


Summer Term 2017
Term Begins: Tuesday 18th April

Teacher Training: Friday 26th May*

Half Term: Monday 29th – Friday 2nd June

Teacher’s training  May 26th Friday

Term Ends: Thursday 20th July

Autumn Term 2017

Term Begins: 5th September

Half Term: 23rd Oct – 27th October

Teacher’s training  20th Oct. Friday

Term Ends: 21st December

Spring Term 2018

Term Begins: 9th January

Half term: 12th February – 16th February

Teacher’s training  9th Friday February

Term Ends: 29th March

Complaints reports:

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