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The Value of Hard Work


Once upon a time there was a Grasshopper was hopping, chirping and singing to its heart’s content in a field in hot summer’s day. There was an ant staying nearby the grasshopper’s nest. They were good friends. It was springtime and the grasshopper was having a lot of fun playing, singing, and dancing in the sun. But the ant was hard working. It was collecting food grains and storing them in its house for the winter.


The grasshopper did not understand why the ant was doing so much hard work and keeping for winter. He asked, “Hey,’ Ant! Why don’t you come outside and play with me?” The ant replied, “I cannot. I am storing food for the winter when there won’t be anything to eat!” The grasshopper only laughed at the ant and said, “Why are you worrying now? There is plenty of food!” and continued to play, while the ant worked hard.


When winter came, the grasshopper did not find a single grain of food to eat. It began to feel very weak due to lack of food. The grasshopper saw how the hardworking ant had plenty of food to eat and realized its foolishness.


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