Early Years Curriculum

www.foundationyears.org.uk  is a website that provides information for parents about the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We are also open to follow the child’s interests and choices and we welcome parents’ feedback from home.

At Sunrise, we strive to awaken in the children a joy of learning and a thirst for knowledge that will remain with them all their lives.

Based on a synthesis of the Montessori methods and Neo-Humanist principles, we provide varied activities that allow for self-directed learning.

Imaginative play, games and stories enhance instruction and the Montessori approach nurtures motivation and concentration. Yoga exercises, sports and a vegetarian diet encourage a healthy and co-ordinated body. Music, arts, dance and drama provide scope for Sunrise children to discover their expressive skills and a deep appreciation of the arts.

Through nature studies, outings and care for animals, a true ecological consciousness awakens in the children who come to feel themselves as part of Nature.

At Sunrise, the children practice a simple form of meditation. Feeling love within each day develops a direct experience of the inner self and a feeling of oneness with others and the world around.

Sunrise’s unique curriculum imparts character building values, integrity, moral courage, self-confidence, self-reliance and a spirit of service.


The monthly CIRCLE OF LOVE themes:

September: Me and Family

October   People in the community

November:   Universal Family

December:   Celebrations

January: Space

February: Air and light

March: Water

April: Earth

May: Plants and Insects

June:  Fish and Reptiles

July:  Birds and Mammals


The monthly YES themes (Yoga Education in Schools), Universal Values:

September: Respect

October: Non Harming

November: Cleanliness

December: Benevolent truthfulness

January: Contentment

February: Non -stealing

March: Serving others

April: Universal Love

May: Spiritual Study

June: Simple Living

July: Meditation

Special Activities

Tuesday 10-11.30am Library

Wednesday 10.55-12.30pm Swimming

Wednesday 2-2.30pm Music

Thursday 9.30-12pm Walk in the Woods

Friday 2-3pm Cooking


Parents please feel free to make any suggestions you may have regarding particular aspects of the themes you want your children to learn about.