Yoga, Meditation, Kiirtan and Circle Time


Love is everywhere, love is all there is.

Circle time

Great importance is given to the daily circle. Circle time creates a family feeling of togetherness, a chance to share and listen, to sing and dance joyfully. It is a special morning time celebration where the magic and the true heartbeat of the school can be experienced by all from the youngest nursery child to the oldest children and by the teachers as well.

Practicing this meditation in circle time each morning develops the children’s concentration and awareness and most importantly, Ives them a direct experience of their own inner life. The children learn to be still and feel love

‘above and below, around and inside them.’

Before meditation time we dance and sing kiirtan with our eyes closed and our arms reaching upwards in a gesture of openness, a willingness to receive positive energy from the universe.

Kiirtan is sung using the powerful Sanskrit mantra Baba Nam Kevalam, which means ‘Everything is love, everything is one’. Whilst meditating, the children are encouraged to concentrate upon the meaning of this mantra and the feelings of love in their own hearts. Such meditation and ideation develop in the children a sense of security and peace within themselves and a feeling of love for the universe to which they belong.

After this quiet time the children can listen to a story, enact a drama or have a learning moment. Circle time helps to develop each child’s intuitive, creative and spiritual capacity.